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Another Danish Invasion

Reports in the media suggest that Irish bacon is not what it appears to be and retailers are telling porkies to their customers. and some of our bacon could originate in Denmark or other EU countries. The following is a true story of an interesting encounter!!

I met a pink and portly pig. We were flying with Ryan Air. Although I tried to be polite I could not help but stare The hat he wore is often seem on football leprechauns A ginger bread, his jersey green, he claimed his name was Sean.

He said, “My bacon is the best. It’s Irish guaranteed. My fate decrees that in this life my function is to feed Breakfast roll man and those who like an early morning fry With rasher and white pudding, and sausage piled high.

I looked him in the eye and said, “Your hat is very striking But hidden underneath you wear the helmet of a Viking. Take you Danish ham hocks, your trotters and your snout

As Margaret Thatcher would have said ….OUT! OUT! OUT!

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