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Ten Days of Solitude

Tomorrow I’m heading for Cill Rialaig. It’s a retreat for visual artists but, for a change, it’s going to be taken over by a group of writers. A few minutes ago a friend asked me where was the next stop after Cill Rialaig and I said America. I almost wasn’t joking. This beautiful wild place is located at the end of the Ballinskelligs Peninsula in Kerry and from the front door of my cottage I will be looking down into the broad majestic Atlantic.

Those who want to know more about Cill Rialaig can click of this link

I’ve spent time in Cill Rialaig before – and those who want to know how I spent my time can click on this link

Those who want the shortened version – I spent most of my time feeding an orphaned baby lamb who woke me every morning for his breakfast at 6 am. Sadly, I suspect Blue Boy has graced a few Sunday dinner tables since our time together and, on this occasion, any orphaned lambs had better run when they see me coming – or they will share the same fate.

Anyway, my bags are packed, my computer too – and I aim to work hard on my new book. I suspect there will be few diversions – but one thing I won’t have is an on-line facility – and, you know what? – I’m actually looking forward to being off-line. It’ll be cold turkey stuff – but I’ll cope without email, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Twitter etc … I think…..

Here’s to ten days of solitude!

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