The Eloquent Senator Norris

July 16, 2013

Women have a tough time in politics. Two recent examples – Lapgate, so called because Tom Barry TD pulled a reluctant and surprised female colleague onto his lap in the middle of one of the most important and contentious issues to come before Dail Eireann  - the long-over due legislation of the X Case which will allow abortion in very limited and specific circumstances. The other more recent example was David Norris’s verbal attack on Regina Doherty in Seanad Eireann when he accused her of ‘talking through her fanny.’


The following poem is a tribute to the eloquence of Senator Norris.


The Eloquent Senator Norris


Oh, David, you’re a terror when you decide to fire

Verbal bullets primed with misogynistic ire.

A woman has a ‘fanny’ – that fact we can’t deny -

But it is not a mouthpiece with which to make reply.


You may be incandescent but is it right to hog

The floor of Seanad Éireann with a sexist monologue?

In fact, your own vocabulary is not exactly sparse

Yet when have we accused you of talking through your arse?


You speak about linguistics and discussions academic

But sexist rough and tumble has always been endemic

In the Dail and Seanad where bombastic eloquence

Is used as substitution for a dose of common sense.


© Laura Elliot

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