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Widgets Webs And All Those Words

Recently I attended a number of workshops in the hope that I could find the magic bullet that would make social media understandable, easy and less of a head wrecker. As I listened to the various speakers I realised how much our words have been redefined since the arrival of the World Wide Web into our lives. Instead of learning to appreciate the power of the Tweet and the impact of the Blog I started doodling and ended up with this little poem. I hope you enjoy it.

Widgets Webs And All Those Words

A web was once the prime address when spiders set up house

With silken strands to lure an unwary fly or louse.

But spiders and tarantulas now seldom come to mind

Because we have the World Wide Web – and words are redefined.

A tweet was always warbled, the prerogative of birds.

Now it is a pithy note that’s easy on the words.

And Widgets used to float inside an alcoholic can

To help a glass of Guinness rise up like a flan.

A Virus is no longer caused by sniffles and by snot

Nor is it cured by Lemsip – or many toddies hot.

And when the doctor tell us to take a week in bed

We don’t expect the Tablet to cure our aching head.

A bite was once a nibble – or a sometimes painful nip

From a dog with rabies – and it was also hip

To wear a scarf from Hermès knotted at the neck

To show that last night we’d enjoyed a bit more than a peck.

But now we talk in Gigabytes - and when we have a Nibble

Four Bits is equivalent – and does not make us dribble.

And if we want a sandwich we must not ask for Spam.

For it’s a nasty filler, dispatched without a qualm.

A Yahoo, to be honest, was something of a dope.

And a Curser was expected to wash his mouth with soap.

A Blog’s first name was always Joe – and when it came to Hacks

We do not think of journalists– or lumberjacks with axe.

A Mouse left droppings in the pan and caused the girls to shriek.

Now it runs around the screen and doesn’t squeak an ‘Ekk!’

As for us shopaholics, why should we Browse the mall

When we can rest our bunions and do an Online trawl?

Our Domain was a terrace, a semi or detached

But now we cannot enter if our passwords haven’t matched.

Surfers do not need a tan, a surfboard or a wave

But we are in hot water if we forget to Save.

A Trojan was the wooden horse that did it for the Troys.

Servers were once recognised as altar girls and boys.

A match was used to Kindle the most reluctant flame.

And Amazons were women of extraordinary fame.

I could go on and talk of Clouds – but I’d be wasting time

Which could be spent on Facebook where I don’t have to rhyme.

So, if you’ve enjoyed this ditty please share it with a friend.

It really is quite easy – you Like and then press Send.

Laura Elliot ©

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